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Our first VR game of many will be a Boxing game. Beta fighters will be able to join our initial gym to start practicing and learning the ropes. Make your you join our beta program so that you can be a step ahead on getting to championship level. For joining the beta just checkout the beta registration link at our Telegram group.

Development Platform

We already started working on our first of many virtual reality games. Our first game consists on a Multiplayer boxing platform where fighters will earn experience and climb the ladder to become champions. Champions earn more tokens and their fights will be streamed live at our VRC YouTube channel and the betting platform. Stay tuned to our page to track progress on the development.

We have chosen Unity3D as our gaming development platform.
Pros of Using Unity 3D:
1. Unity is the best app for Game development. It is very effective while rendering 2D and 3D scenes. In this era of visual treats, Unity can very well be used for rendering 3D images also. The quality offered is also relatively good compared to other apps.

2. Unity is excellent for cross-platform development and multiplatform games. Cross development platforms are trending much these days. It is really time-consuming and demands lots of efforts for developing native apps. Platforms like Unity have made the process quite simple and easy to use when compared to previous times. Using cross-development platforms, a single script can be compiled and used for many platforms.

3. The assets store is also reportedly great when compared to other platforms. Basically, the tech support for Unity is efficient. The tech support members are also highly skilled and they can be relied upon in case of any technical issues.

4. In case of the visual platform, Unity is excellent. But we cannot appeal the same in case of the non-visual platform. It might vary in terms of the app’s application and usage.

5. The Unity game engine is also easier to use compared to many other technologies. There are so many other complicated technologies which become tougher while we use. Unity is an exception here.

6. Despite not being open source, the cost is very less when compared to all its other competitors. Cost efficiency is one of the main advantages of using Unity.

First Scene

Our first scene will start for an existing Unity asset. However, this will only be part of the development and beta versions. All of it's artistic components and most of the engine will be replaced with our own before it's released to the public.

Game features
VRC Boxing Features Document Draft